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Peanut Butter and Baked Apple Muffins! *6 tblsp egg whites *3/4 cup Splenda *1teaspoon vanilla *as much cinnamon as you want *3/4 jar of PB2 *1 teaspoon baking soda *1/4cup water *squirt of agave *1 microwave-baked apple w/ cinnamon and Splenda for topping
-whip egg whites, Splenda, vanilla for 3 mins on low.
-Add PB2, water, baking soda, agave, cinnamon.
-Spray muffin tin with Pam. Makes 6 cupcakes (if you eat some of the batter like I did).
-bake for 3 mins at 350
-while they bake, microwave a cored and chopped apple w/ cinnamon and Splenda for 3 mins
-remove muffins and spread a spoonful of baked apple on each, pressing into muffin lightly
-bake for another 15 mins

88cals per muffin
2g sugar
2g fat
7.8g protein
100% yum


Chance The Rapper - Juice

You’ve already heard of Chance The Rapper. Or, you should have. The young Chicago phenom has been blowing up speakers all summer with his unconventional and eclectic approach to hip-hop. Stylistically, he’s all over the place as the homages shift dramatically from track to track. Chancelor Bennett is the next in a wave of unbelievably creative young rappers with broad appeal. You can find him on Tumblr too!

It’s been a downright miserable day around Boston with on-and-off torrential rain. After a long, dull shift, I dipped back into Acid Rap, Chance The Rapper’s second and more recent mixtape, to inject a little life back into my day. It worked.



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